What did she just say?!

Definition of; FILTER

according to Urban Dictionary.

: An intangible device that determines which thoughts to actually say out loud to another human being.

I would just like to mention that there were several other definitions listed which really made me question the intelligence of some people.


I like to consider myself one of those lucky people that possess this elusive “Filter”. Some people might disagree with me but compared to a lot of people I don’t say half the shit that pops into my head!

I always find it funny when I am around people and find myself looking at them and thinking “just stop talking, do yourself and everyone around you a favor and just STOP!” I’m not saying I am the most eloquent speaker, hell I know I’m not but when your at work or in public around people you don’t know you don’t talk about your bodily functions or your sex life! Your boss doesn’t need to know about how drunk you got last night, who you took home and what you did with them!

I’ve met some people….actually I am friends with a lot of people, who go through life just flapping their lips and letting whatever floats into their mind come pouring out of their mouth. Sad part is there are lots of people in this world who have made themselves famous by having no filter. Comedians have always made a living on the inappropriate and obscene but since people were given the ability to post their every waking moment on the internet, it has become a competition to see who can push the limits of propriety without getting arrested or at least getting banned from social media.

Facebook;  I have such a love/hate relationship with you.

The theory behind Facebook is good it serves a purpose, the ability to connect with people and stay connected over great distances and time. But when people use it to provide themselves with the vast majority of there information of friends, family and news in general, I shake my head.

facebook fact

Personally my opinion is that people have used Facebook as a platform to not have a filter and a safe haven to be keyboard warriors. I highly doubt that that was the intent when the website was launched. (Sorry, this won’t be my last rant about the misuse and overuse of Facebook but I don’t need to sound like a crazy person just yet!)

The worst thing about people and their lack of filters is how it makes other people uncomfortable and how it is getting to the point where as a society we are becoming desensitized. The stupid shit that people say and do doesn’t even faze them, it’s just another Facebook post or stupid video on YouTube or ridiculous picture on Instagram. Then the stuff that they do get offended about are the most asinine and ignorant that it makes my head hurt. Some days I think human beings as a whole would be better off if our over exposure of each other was limited, leave a little to the imagination, leave something to surprise!

But who am I to say I’m only one lady feeding into the problem, right?confused

Lady B.

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