What does it mean to RSVP anymore?

This is something I feel very strongly about as I am not an indecisive person by nature. find people who make a commitment to something (however small it may be) and flake out without so much as a text message to be fickle and I tend to distance myself from them as a way to protect myself from being let down.


There is a recent “news story” of a couple that billed their no-show wedding guests that had RSVP yes. This story has many weighing in on whether it is tackier to say you are going to an event and then do not show up (without any apologies beforehand) or if it is tackier to bill those that didn’t show up. Here is the thing, people RSVP “yes” all the time now and frequently do not show up. It is now an expected part of any event. Overall, it seems people tend to say yes until something better comes along or they just do not bother calendarizing the event in their personal schedules.

Recently, in California, a friend of mine lamented the fact that she prepared countless food items, celebratory games and balloons for her son’s small birthday party. She was selective in who she invited so as to keep it…

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