Time Apart.

Everyone needs time apart. Weather it is from their partner, family, friends, work.
I enjoy my alone time, I know everyone does to some degree but I really, really enjoy it kind of to the point where I need it.

I can usually go for a couple weeks with “normal” day to day activities. Go to work, cook supper, clean house, have drinks with friends the odd extra curricular activity and never feel the need to separate myself  from the rest of the world but then it seems to come almost out of nowhere. I feel like a caged animal that needs to recede to her cave and regenerate and refuel.

I have met other people who enjoy their alone time so I know this is not a strange phenomenon. I just wonder if they feel the same as I do, as in the activities you participate in determine when and how long you need to take for yourself?

What people would consider a “normal” lifestyle I can usually be good for 3-4 weeks before needing a recharge but if you throw in an activity that requires social interaction and personal obligation that can cut that time in half.

I should probably elaborate on what I consider “alone time”. For me it requires total solidarity (obviously) with very little interaction with the outside world no phone, no internet. I have been known to play video games as it can help me unwind, (nothing like a good RPG to help you escape reality) but mostly I sit listen to music, read and write. It’s like a cleanse a purge of all the crap that floods me every single day.

So now the question I ask…..What if more people were like me in the sense of taking time to separate themselves from there lives and look inward and refuel.
Just unplug and let their minds catch up with their bodies.

All I know is that I can be a crazy bitch sometimes but that has also made it so that I have found methods to cope so I don’t rip peoples heads off and stuff them down their throat!  So maybe, just maybe I have a little bit of insight into the situation, just saying…


   Lady B

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