Have you ever looked at someone and thought “what a loser!”
Have you ever looked at yourself and thought the very same thing?

Having just being told by someone very close to me that they thought I was a loser has definitely made me look at things differently.
At first I was angry, pissed right the Fuck off that they would have the audacity to say that to me! I work hard, my bills are paid and I don’t live paycheck to paycheck…
But in their eyes I wasn’t going anywhere, wasn’t moving forward in life and that’s what made me stop and think.
Maybe they are right.
I am a creature of comfort, I like my little bubble the world I have created makes me feel safe I worked hard for that and the truth is…I just don’t want to screw it the Fuck up!

That right there though is what is going to stop me for ever moving ahead, my aversion to risk. So what’s a girl to do how does one change there 30 some years of thinking to allow themselves the opportunity to take that scary first step?
I honestly don’t know….but I am going to have to try and find out.

                                      Lady B

One thought on “Loser!

  1. Good luck with the changes. They are scary but necessary so, from one risk averse broad to another, my advice would be to start small.

    PS My daughters used to call each other “Losers.” Your post made brought me to the sudden realization that that practice, thank god, has stopped! I’d like to think of that as a sign of their increasing levels of maturity. That may be difficult since it seems that word has been replaced by “Butt” which I am told is an abbreviation of “Butthead.” Then again, they seem to apply that term only to men, which means that maybe I did raise them right, after all!


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