Hooks in Deep.

It’s like you know just when the hold is releasing, you know exactly when to put yourself back into the mix.
I see the world without your hypnotic haze floating in front of my eyes, it is clear and wide open.

But no you can’t let that be, never will you let me be. I can push forward and grasp for what never will be and you will always be there smiling, silently mocking my futile attempts to break free from your everlasting overwhelming, suffocating enthralment.

~Do you love me?  ~Do you miss me?  ~Do you think about me?
In a world with so many options why does it seem like your still the only one? I hate to say I’m done with you but it is for the best, it’s obvious our souls will always be joined but our bodies and minds need to explore.

So I must bid you adieu good friend! I know we will meet again but as of right now….you can have your hooks back.


                                             Lady B.
Photo Courtesy of the one and only Marilyn Monroe.

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