Embracing the Pain.

It rips the skin as it injects it’s venom bringing on a rush of anxiety and anticipation.
It is to soon to tell what permanent evidence it will leave behind but you know there will be some.
It stings everytime you are touched until the numbness sets in…then you breathe, just breathe.

It’s hard to not love this pain, crave it, seek it out.
Only certain people will truly understand this feeling, most will just suffer through hoping the end result will be worth the pain.
You can’t explain it, impossible to capture the essence.

When will it be enough? When will you stop?
I have no answers for these questions nor do I want to have any.
Maybe one day I will be done but not today….no definitely not today!

Today I will relish in the pain, soak it all in, savour it.
                                     Lady B.



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