Make Me Hate You.

The cold chill of your stare.
The emptiness of your embrace.
The distance between grows deeper.

Do you even see me or am I just merely there? I can’t take this constant disinterest, you don’t truly care…I doubt you ever did.

I can’t look to the future as you seem to stand in my way blocking me from what truly could make me happy; myself.
I fill my time and my thoughts with such a strong desire to make you happy yet it only makes you hate me more.
You don’t deserve the feeling I have for you and I deserve better than a fleeting glance with such a lack of emotion.

Our time together looks numbered but I don’t think that bothers you;
Yet it still bothers me and that is what is going to make me hate you.

Neon Rainbow

I’ve become very gifted in the skill of controlling my emotions except I find myself starving for emotional connection, over sharing in certain instances and feeling wounded when I can’t find the connections I so crave.

The concern I am having with keeping my emotions in check so much, is at one point they will need to be released and that never seems to end well for anyone!There is no slow even burn it’s more like a spark followed by a small glowing ember then bursting into an explosion blinding those near by.

If emotions where a electric neon rainbow, mine would be like someone was flicking a light switch off & on, blinding you with neon light then crushing you in utter darkness. Repeatedly. For hours on end.

Luckily for most they won’t have to see this, as I said I am very skilled in controlling my emotions and they are not actually a blinking electric neon rainbow!!!

But for the select privileged few, my emotions will get the better of me and I will expose parts of myself that I don’t normally do and because of this I have to ask for patience…always patience and sometimes some forgiveness, ok a lot of forgiveness!

I never mean to harm and always strive not to, but usually to no avail. Just remember if you are seeing this side of me that must mean your someone special to me and most of all I trust you.

                                        Lady B.

Just because your offended, doesn’t make you right.

The words we use can do so many things, you can lift someone up or knock someone down oftentimes with just one sentence.
I voice my opinion on most things I encounter in my life and I am pretty sure I offend at least one person everyday, not like I try to it  just happens.
I consider myself a person who doesn’t take things personally, I am not easily offended or bothered by other people’s words everyone is entitled to their own opinion……or are they?

Freedom of speech is considered a human right in many nations but is that only true if you are politically correct and don’t ruffle any feathers or step on anyone’s toes?
All to often people are shamed for voicing their opinions;
Never fails someone says something, posts or tweets something and they are immediately shamed into regretting that they even thought it, let alone voiced it!

Everyone is so sensitive and people just need to calm the Fuck down!!!
If I say something that happens to offend you, unless I specify that I am thinking this because of you, I am probably not saying it to hurt or belittle you I’m just voicing my opinion.
I’m not perfect, no one is and you are more than likely to take offense to something at one point in time and you have a right to do that just as much as they are allowed to voice this opinion in the first place. But by no means does that make you right and the other person wrong in their way of thinking.

What it all boils down to is we all just need to mind our own business sometimes and let people be themselves and allow them to voice these opinions that is our supposed right, as long as we are not bringing harm to another person or being malicious in our statements just let it be.
                                       Lady B.