Evil She Bitch.

She finds you everytime.
You say you don’t believe but it’s hard to deny what is right in front of your face.
Oh she finds you everytime.
You can try and hide but it is to late she already knows your sins and your fate.
Don’t let your lies weigh down your soul, you’ve got nothing left to give.
She finds you everytime.
You try and convice youeself there will be no bitter end but what proof do you have that it hasn’t already began.
Don’t try and lie, she already knows all the blackness in your soul.
She finds you everytime.
When the day comes that you must accept your fate, you can look to me for comfort
for I know the game she plays, putting you through the paces, watching you suffer.
For she is your maker and…

She finds you everytime.


                                                                                                                                                                                      Lady B.



Numb, my mind is numb
I feel nothing and yet I feel everything all at once.
I wish I could increase the numbness, control it make it work for me and not against me.
I would love to be completely numb basically deaf to the world around me.
I don’t want it to hurt me anymore…
I don’t want to hurt anyone else anymore.

I’m sorry.
I’m always sorry.


                                       Lady B.

Me, myself & I

I’m overwhelmed by your love & warmth, it wraps around me like a familer worn blanket that has just always been there.
I let the warmth sink in, envelope me.Let it whisk me away to a place I had long forgotten.
I miss this place.
I am afraid of this place not because it is bad but because it will hurt all the more when I have to leave.
I catch myself being lost in old memories good & bad the good always over shadow the bad.
I wish this feeling would never go away but we all know that it will.
I want to gather this feeling, capture it in a tiny bottle and carry it around my neck.
I try not to think of when this feeling will no longer be at my beck and call, when you won’t just be a phone call away.
I, I , I am being selfish in this moment not wanting to let it slip away.

                                                                                                           Lady B.