Me, myself & I

I’m overwhelmed by your love & warmth, it wraps around me like a familer worn blanket that has just always been there.
I let the warmth sink in, envelope me.Let it whisk me away to a place I had long forgotten.
I miss this place.
I am afraid of this place not because it is bad but because it will hurt all the more when I have to leave.
I catch myself being lost in old memories good & bad the good always over shadow the bad.
I wish this feeling would never go away but we all know that it will.
I want to gather this feeling, capture it in a tiny bottle and carry it around my neck.
I try not to think of when this feeling will no longer be at my beck and call, when you won’t just be a phone call away.
I, I , I am being selfish in this moment not wanting to let it slip away.

                                                                                                           Lady B.

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