So simple.

If someone asked you what you wanted to do with your life could you give them an honest answer?
Have you always known what you wanted to do? Or do you just know what you are good at?

What if, what your good at and what you want to do are two totally different things? How do you decide?
I know we are all faced with these questions at one point in our lives and the answer is different for everyone, the difficult part for me has been making the decision.
Eventually I’m going to have to “Shit or get off the pot!” As my wonderful father would say, and as simple as that phrase is….life just simply is not.

                                       Lady B.

Long Hard Look.

I never wanted to have children.
I knew from a very young age that motherhood was not for me. It wasn’t that I couldn’t have children(at least as far as I know I can) but the desire was never there.
I was never really fond of children they always make me slightly uncomfortable, I feel the need to speak to them as I would an adult and well I can’t hold a conversation with some adults so…
But people still feel the need to console me as if there is something wrong with me because I don’t have children, I must have a medical condition or there is no one that loves me enough to want to have children with me! What the hell! I am the gate keeper damnit! It I wanted to get pregnant I would have several times over!
What about the people that just have children because they ” just happened” to get pregnant?
Why does no one question them?
Because it is natural that they got pregnant? Personally it looks to me that in a lot of instances it is simple irresponsiblity! It must be meant to be right, that stuff doesn’t just happen…
I guess my point is that I feel I have made a responsible decision in my life, so why am I the one who is constantly questioned and judged?
Maybe society needs to reevaluate the mindset of breeding just because you can…perhaps there are enough of us already.


Oh What A Night.

She felt the sweat dripping down her back the chill in the air was a welcome relief.
Her clothes stuck to her body she knew people were staring but it didn’t matter she didn’t care her adrenaline was pumping in this moment with this movement she was invincible!

She caught the eyes of the few people brave enough to get sucked into her aura, flowed with her, moving along with the rhythm of the music.

She smiled a crooked little smile and held the eye of one man just a little too long enticing him into her web of intensity, he was eager to follow envisioning the possibilies to come.

When the music shifted so did the people, she wasn’t leaving the dance floor anytime soon.
A short buxom blond glided into her glow, excited by the power she was exuding, intoxicated with her scent.

She draped her arms on the blondes shoulders and allowed their bodies to begin to ebe and flow together as they spun around together she caught the eye of the brave man again and motioned for him to join them.

She knew what the night had in store and it drove her excitement through the roof she couldn’t wait to feel the naked bodies pressed together all driving to an inevitable climax .

Oh what a night it would be.


                                                Lady B.