Long Hard Look.

I never wanted to have children.
I knew from a very young age that motherhood was not for me. It wasn’t that I couldn’t have children(at least as far as I know I can) but the desire was never there.
I was never really fond of children they always make me slightly uncomfortable, I feel the need to speak to them as I would an adult and well I can’t hold a conversation with some adults so…
But people still feel the need to console me as if there is something wrong with me because I don’t have children, I must have a medical condition or there is no one that loves me enough to want to have children with me! What the hell! I am the gate keeper damnit! It I wanted to get pregnant I would have several times over!
What about the people that just have children because they ” just happened” to get pregnant?
Why does no one question them?
Because it is natural that they got pregnant? Personally it looks to me that in a lot of instances it is simple irresponsiblity! It must be meant to be right, that stuff doesn’t just happen…
I guess my point is that I feel I have made a responsible decision in my life, so why am I the one who is constantly questioned and judged?
Maybe society needs to reevaluate the mindset of breeding just because you can…perhaps there are enough of us already.


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