Voices in my head.

What if what your true calling in life is nothing you want it to be? 

What if your sitting there waiting for your chance to break out and start living the life you have been waiting to live, just waiting for that one significant moment….the game changer and it never comes, just never happens?

I have spent most of my adult life living with someone else in mind and always with the thought or more accuratly the hope that something significant was going to happen and it would change my life but the only thing life altering that happened I made happen. Funny how that works.

Everyday now I find myself waking up with this voice in the back of my mind, sometimes it is merely a whisper but more and more now it is turning into a louder booming voice pushing me to pay attention to it, to stop looking at everyone else’s lives and comparing  them to my own to consider what is right for me and to stop being so scared of what can go wrong and just do it! 

I have a strength  in me that I didn’t always realize was there but I am still a little afraid to use it…

But now I have a bigger fear…..

What if I never listen to that voice? What if I allow my fears to control my life and I don’t  follow my path?  

That’s not even a question that needs to be asked as I already  know the answer, I will regret not being true to myself and I will always wonder what I could have been.

So why am I still hesitating?? 

                                                                                                                             Lady B.

Blinded by the light

You know when you look at someone and all you can think is; “How do you even mange to put your pants on in the morning?”

The sheer incompetence is staggering, compounded by the lack of any semblance of motivation or drive is simply maddening!

I realize that I have very little patience if any at all, for these people which is unfortunate when I have to work with them.

Now I know that this seems harsh and in truth it probably is but for someone like me who has had to work their ass off to get to where they are and has had nothing handed to them it is infuriating to see people squandering any opportunity they are presented with. 

Rant over.

                                      Lady B.