Little voices

Thought of the day.

When people make a snide comment about someone and they quickly follow it up with the phrase “oh sorry that was my outside voice” I can’t help but want to correct them.

 Technically you should say you are using your “inside voice” because it is the little voice in your head that is making the comment so it is your inside voice coming out, not your outside voice.

Just my opinion.

With Love, Lucifer

You infuriate me to no end and you know you do, my life was so simple till I met you.

I don’t want to think about what could have, should have been.

Dear Lucifer do I hate you.

I see my life laid out as it was, clear path smooth sailing, no backlash

 but you turned, shifted and you showed me your true colours all shiny in my face.

What was I to do? I was scared.

I hid under false smiles and propped up dreams, ludicrous fairy tales of what would never be.

The life I once thought was so simple never truly was.

It was a nightmare.

Now left stripped of all feelings of hope, my faith is no more.

I only see the darkness that is left behind inside and the scars that hold me together.

I weep no more for you, you have no more hold on me.

Dear Lucifer do I hate you.

                                                                                       Lady B.