Dirty Little secrets

We all live in this world everyday trying to make a life for ourselves, trying to put up this front to show the world that we a capable, successful and happy.

When we don’t succeed in this we are considered flawed and weak and clearly something is wrong if you aren’t living up to  these standards. But who set these standards?  And why must we all live up to them?

You would think the more secrets a person has to keep the harder they try to live up to those standards. Because people with secrets have more to prove, more risk is involved if they are found out, more to lose but that is not always the case.

Lets be real, everybody has secrets some are just small as in they prefer woman’s antiperspirant to men’s, or they love to watch reality TV in bed while eating a family size bag of lays salt & vinegar chips and others not so small….Drugs, infidelity, theft,abuse the list is really endless. But are they really secrets? Do people really not know these things about us or are we just lying to ourselves to make ourselves feel better about the whole situation.

In this age of information at our fingertips I think it is so much harder to keep things to ourselves, not just our own secrets but everyones. Secrets are like weapons in this huge game of emotional warfare you have to be careful who you open up to cause you never know what will be used against you and don’t even think about posting your opinion on any type of social media you are sure to be slaughtered for your beliefs.

The world we life is a very very different place from what it once was even a decade ago, you really have to know who your friends are…And even more so who is going to sell your dirty little secrets.

                                              Lady B.


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