People are really starting too…

Why is it that we spend so much of our time trying to make other people happy? Or is it just me?

I have been fighting this battle for years slowly winning, gaining ground. Then rapidly falling back. I know life is not supposed to be easy but I don’t think the people closest to you, are the ones that are supposed to make it the most difficult either. 

The older I get, the less time I want to give to other people and the more I need my “alone time”. Does this make me selfish or just a survivalist? 

I value my time with myself and I don’t find myself getting lonely as I did when I was younger. Does that make me a bad person? Do I not care about people as much as I did before? Or Am I just accepting the fact, that not everyone matters all of the time.

I think I can drink to that!

                                   Lady B.

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