First encounter.

Wow you were not what I expected. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t you. The connection was so real, so vibrant. I haven’t met anyone quite like you in a very long time. you peaked my interest, you intrigued me, you impressed me. I am beside myself with emotion and excitement! I want to just go with you, do things with you, experience life with you. You are a true..Freak like me!

Love you

I love the look in your eyes, just before we touch.

I love how you touch me, in that certain way.

I love the way your breath feels, on the back of my neck.

I love the way your skin smells, after it is all done.

I love the sensation, that was the two of us.

Lady B.


Running Away

Everyone needs to talk to someone at some point. We all need an opportunity to vent and let our feelings out. Not everyone can open up to their friends or family. Some of us need an unbiased open-minded, individual to be a sounding board. I try to see my sounding board at least once a month. I try to Process all my thoughts and work though as many issues as I can before they bubble over the surface. But sometimes they still manage to squeeze by, feelings that is. There have been points in my life that I haven’t been able to talk to anyone or it didn’t matter that I had spoken to anyone about how I was feeling, I still felt like shit. About me, about my situation. I have been finding myself feeling like this more and more laterly. I keep waking up, and also falling asleep with this horrible erge to run away and hide ,beacuse I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to keep it all together. I can see the cracks starting to show. I am noticing other people noticing, and I am scared. I am scared of what I might do. I have been like this a few times in my life before and it is always a rollercoaster ride and it is never, never good. I don’t know when this all started to happen ,I do know that I really need it to stop!

Foolish Desires.

Your presence gave me a desire I had almost forgot I had. The excitement in the air was what one would call electric. The draw to be near you was almost too much, it distracted me. My thoughts constantly drifting in your direction. Why were you so intoxicating?

I know I need to control myself, my mind reeling. Cardinal desires building up within me just waiting….waiting to be released. You are not what I truly want, or what I ever thought I would need, but you intrigue me. Who are you?

But like with all wide rides, physical and meteoric reality must settle in. I can not always have what I truly desire as it is not always mine to take. I must rise above my primal self and be real.

Alas I will accept this situation for what it truly is, imaginary. You are not real; well technically you are but this whole situation is simply an idea in my mind. Something that gets me through the day. I will take you, all the excitement that you bring me and lock it up inside. It is now fuel for my warped little mind for me to do as I wish.

Thank you for your time. Your efforts will not be forgotten, but we must move along. I have more minds to capture in my fiery abyss.


Lady B.