Feeling the Love.

Sometimes you just can’t listen to what everyone keeps telling you. sometimes you just have to make your own decisions.

I try not to listen to other peoples opinions of people, places or things. I like to experience things and form my own opinion. But sometimes it is hard not to let other peoples opinions dictate my own.

Some people voice their opinions as a way to guild you in the right direction, while others do it to have sway over your decision. Usually it is for their own personal gain or some other malicious intent.

Unfortunately I spent most of my live trying to keep other people happy. Giving more of myself to people than I truly should have. compromising my integrity and happiness.

I don’t want to live that way anymore, I won’t. I will live my life for myself. I will put myself and my happiness first. Some people may consider me selfish or insensitive but all I truly want is to feel whole, true to myself.


Lady B.


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