You ripped the flesh from my body, with deep slow digs. The blood pouring down my sides and pools at my feet.

I cling to myself trying to stop the bleeding, but it continues to flow as my heart beat weakens.

The air is hot around me, but I have a chill. I sink to my knees releasing a moan of agony.

My head feels light as the blood rushes out, I can no longer feel my legs. It’s getting harder to think straight, the fog is setting in.

I can see you clear though I can’t look away, your face burned into my mind’s eye forever haunting me.

There is nothing you can do to change this, nothing to stop what you have done. The world can see you now, for what you really are.

It is all slipping away I know it won’t be long, I feel the darkness setting in and all I can think about is I hope you slip on my blood.

My Pet

I am in a dimly lit basement with a dirt floor and dust floating in the air.

The ceiling is low with thick rough wood posts holding up the floor. There is a small window to the left of me that is the only source of light, everything has a grayish tinge to It. it looks like dawn outside.

There is a small square 2’ x 2’ cut out in the floor six feet in front of me. I look to the window and then I look back at the square, it looks like a trap door with no latch.

Suddenly the square slowly lifts up I can’t see what is causing it to lift but I am overwhelmed with fear, my chest gets tight and I can’t move and I can’t look away. I see this claw of some kind creep out towards me, reaching for me. I want to run but I can’t move, all I can do is stare and wait for it to climb out and crawl towards me.

Within seconds it rushes me, to quickly for me to get a good look at it. All I know is that it is large, aggressive predator like.

It always scares me awake, my heart pounding.

Lady. B