My Pet

I am in a dimly lit basement with a dirt floor and dust floating in the air.

The ceiling is low with thick rough wood posts holding up the floor. There is a small window to the left of me that is the only source of light, everything has a grayish tinge to It. it looks like dawn outside.

There is a small square 2’ x 2’ cut out in the floor six feet in front of me. I look to the window and then I look back at the square, it looks like a trap door with no latch.

Suddenly the square slowly lifts up I can’t see what is causing it to lift but I am overwhelmed with fear, my chest gets tight and I can’t move and I can’t look away. I see this claw of some kind creep out towards me, reaching for me. I want to run but I can’t move, all I can do is stare and wait for it to climb out and crawl towards me.

Within seconds it rushes me, to quickly for me to get a good look at it. All I know is that it is large, aggressive predator like.

It always scares me awake, my heart pounding.

Lady. B




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