Killing the Hate.

It eats away your insides until they are raw, leaving the tissue bleeding. 

You try to ignore the nawing pain hoping it will just go away. But you can’t ignore it, it only festers until you can’t take it anymore.

You can either continue to runaway or turn and face it. Running away is the easiest, less pain in the long run but than you are left all alone.

Left with this horrible beast living inside. The only way to truly kill it, kill the pain is to face it.

But you need a reason to face it. A power stronger than itself.

You need love to kill the hate.

                                  Lady. B

Pestering me.

I am pretty sure I told you this once before, I don’t love you anymore.

But words have a way of not being heard when your driving to fast and you’ve drank to much.

I will resign myself to the fact that you are still here, always watching but never really there.

The patience I had has worn thin, my tolerance for ignorance is non-existent.

You can leave anytime now, it won’t bother me.

Just please, don’t wake me when you leave.

The other Woman.

I will stand beside you, strong, proud and true.

I will be patient, loving and kind to you and yours.

I will listen and support when the weight becomes to heavy for you to bear.

I will hold my tongue from the speaking the thoughts that come to me, when harsh words are spoken to you.

I will do all this with a smile on my face and love in my heart, as this is all I can do in the position that I am in.

I know where your heart lies, that’s what gives me strength to fight this battle. 

The battle of the other woman.


                                    Lady B.

Little Red Box.

The feelings are so strong it almost hurts. The longing is always there and I try to show it the best that I can, but I am locked in the little red box.

The little red box is where I keep everything that is sacred to me.

My heart and my soul.
My heart, like many is battered and bruised. Put through hell and climbed back out retreating to the little red box.

My soul, well it has never left the box. It does not get touched. For it is the most sacred of all. Very few have ever even caught a glimpse of it and those we have, well I hope they know how rare it truly is.

The red box is as much a prison as it is a sanctuary. With all the security I get from it, there is an equal balance of loneliness.

Everyone wants to be loved and understood. Finding someone to love your heart is easy. Finding someone to understand your soul, well that is entirely different. 

I’ve let my heart out of the little red box and it is feeling things I never thought it could feel. But I long for my soul to be touched, to be whispered to, to be soothed.

My heart will take the beating until it has convinced the soul that it is safe to come out.

But for now I am just going to hide in my little red box. Where it is safe.


                                             Lady B.