Sticks and Stones

Time is fleeting, only blood and tears are real. Don’t waste your breath on words said so many times before. I don’t want your regurgitated filth. Don’t taint me with your lies and deceit, your nothing to me but wasted time and sweat.

Just Don’t

Don’t tell me that you love me, the way you always do.

I don’t want to be your reason or your excuse.

Just let the feels lie, the way they always do.

Dont feed me your bullshit like it is soup.

I want to hear you beg for it, plead with me for your piece.

I want you to be the one who finely loses sleep.

Take You Away.

I know so little about her, yet we were once close. From a distance she seems so foreign to me, but as I get near I begin to recognize her.

She is a quiet one with a heart of gold, that you can see in her eyes. I wish I knew her better for I feel she has so much to give. The intelligence is obvious the moment she speaks a word.

She is shy but feisty with a light in her eyes I don’t even think she knows is there.

I know this girl, I was much like her even though she probably would never believe it.

A lost soul grasping for a hand to hold on to anything to keep her from drowning in her own thoughts and fears.

I can sense the fear, but I hope she stronger than it for I know one day it could take her away.

Love, Lady B.