Fuck This Shit


She didn’t want to be a bother.

She never wanted to cause discomfort,

but she couldn’t help feel the sting of the situation.

She knew he wasn’t trying to hurt her.

She knew that he loved her,

but there was always the question of what if.

She knew it was petty.

She never wanted to be vain,

but she couldn’t help but be herself.

She knew this feeling would pass, as they always do.

But she couldn’t help it in wanting to say fuck you!

Sitting Pretty

I sit happy and still, not feeling the constant tug of my mind shifting away from me.

But your still there looming in the background murmuring under your breath just waiting for me to exhale, to let my guard down.

That is when you will slink back in slowly slipping your long talon like fingers up my spine, wrapping your cold death like grasp around my throat.

I can’t help but smile at the thought of you right now, just knowing you are not winning, I take solace in that fact.

Unfortunately there will come a time that you will win again that is simply inevitable, you always end up winning. Until that time comes I will just sit and be happy.



Lady. B