Awe there you are, my good friend rage.

Where have you been the last little while? I have been stuck with anxiety and depression and they are no fun at all.

You on the other hand feed the beast, a beast I have grown quite fawned of in this twisted life of mine.

Months of placidly going through the motions of smiling and pretending to be happy, is starting to make my brain hurt. Making me numb is really all I have been doing.

I miss the rage, why must to leave again?

Lady B.

Always and Forever

He was gone, but not forgotten. Always just off in the distance, waiting, listening, watching. A day would come that he would be needed again and he knew that, that’s what kept him there. He knew he couldn’t leave his time wasn’t finished yet, he had left to soon.

She could still feel him there watching over her from afar, never interfering yet always vigilant. He was her rock, her safe place the one she confided in. He loved her always and forever.

The day would come that he would eventually move on, but that day was not today.


Lady. B

Oh Goodie

Here we go again.

Another doctor, another chemist, another “I told you so”.

I know what the outcome will be, but that is not important .

I am just the guinea pig. The science experiment.

Oh what a wonderful ride it won’t be.

Why don’t they just listen to me?


Just Because

Just because I wake up in a bad mood, doesn’t mean I have to stay that way.

Just because you wake up a bitch, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way.

Just because you smile at me, doesn’t mean I have to like you.

Just because I smile at you, doesn’t mean that I like you.

Just because the world is an ugly place, doesn’t mean I have to be.

Just because you are a miserable person, doesn’t mean I have to be.



Lady. B

Fuck This Shit


She didn’t want to be a bother.

She never wanted to cause discomfort,

but she couldn’t help feel the sting of the situation.

She knew he wasn’t trying to hurt her.

She knew that he loved her,

but there was always the question of what if.

She knew it was petty.

She never wanted to be vain,

but she couldn’t help but be herself.

She knew this feeling would pass, as they always do.

But she couldn’t help it in wanting to say fuck you!

Sitting Pretty

I sit happy and still, not feeling the constant tug of my mind shifting away from me.

But your still there looming in the background murmuring under your breath just waiting for me to exhale, to let my guard down.

That is when you will slink back in slowly slipping your long talon like fingers up my spine, wrapping your cold death like grasp around my throat.

I can’t help but smile at the thought of you right now, just knowing you are not winning, I take solace in that fact.

Unfortunately there will come a time that you will win again that is simply inevitable, you always end up winning. Until that time comes I will just sit and be happy.



Lady. B

Just Don’t

Don’t tell me that you love me, the way you always do.

I don’t want to be your reason or your excuse.

Just let the feels lie, the way they always do.

Dont feed me your bullshit like it is soup.

I want to hear you beg for it, plead with me for your piece.

I want you to be the one who finely loses sleep.

Take You Away.

I know so little about her, yet we were once close. From a distance she seems so foreign to me, but as I get near I begin to recognize her.

She is a quiet one with a heart of gold, that you can see in her eyes. I wish I knew her better for I feel she has so much to give. The intelligence is obvious the moment she speaks a word.

She is shy but feisty with a light in her eyes I don’t even think she knows is there.

I know this girl, I was much like her even though she probably would never believe it.

A lost soul grasping for a hand to hold on to anything to keep her from drowning in her own thoughts and fears.

I can sense the fear, but I hope she stronger than it for I know one day it could take her away.

Love, Lady B.

My God, My Titan

Taking in the view, a few steps away.

Always watching, but never engaging.

She watches him, watching her, longing for his touch; even though she knows it would mean nothing.

He doesn’t truly want her, she is but a novelty, something to be taken out, paraded around for display purposes only.

His touch is cold regardless of the warmth of his hands.

She isn’t good enough for him, she knows this.

He is a God, a titan of sorts.

She stares longingly and wishes he would just end it already, cut the cord, sever the non-existent grasp he holds on her.

But she cares for him to much to say anything.

She doesn’t have the power to do it herself.

For he is her god, her titan.

Lady B.